The Adventures of Sleep Accounting

Have you ever been up late working on something very complicated like a puzzle or a sewing project, or accounting homework?  At our house we are often up really late working on stuff, usually accounting related.  Have you ever gone to sleep but your brain is still working on whatever you were working on before you went to sleep? Well, for this little adventure, this is what happened to Mr.

Mr. had been up late working on a fraud investigation assignment and he had spent hours and hours over days and weeks working on this case.  Often when he gets working on a very complicated case, he tends to get completely wrapped up in the case and does little else including eating or sleeping.  Then, as a consequence of not eating regularly, his guts tend to rebel when he does eat, resulting in familiar stabbing feelings of gastrointestinal distress. Not Good.  So, after one such a day of working really hard at his case and not eating much except for dinner, we turned in for the night.

I was blissfully unaware of all around me as I enjoyed my slumber.  Then suddenly Mr. sat up, and yelled out “Ouuuch!!!”

I immediately sat up and reached out to help him.  I asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“Equity” he replied in his sleepy yet panicked voice.

“What?!” I replied.  In my foggy and sleepy brain I was trying to figure out how equity could have hurt him.

“The shareholders are not happy” he stated. This added to my confusion.

“Okaaay, Equity…. But what hurt just now?”

Mr. looked at me, a little more awake, and said “oh, that.  Umm, oh yeah… My stomach really hurts! Ouch!”

Turns out Mr. was dreaming about his case. At the same moment that his brain was working out the shareholder’s perspective of the fraud case, his guts decided to attack him.

For those of you that don’t have the slightest clue what equity is in relation to accounting, just know that it is part of the accounting equation Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity…. That’s very important to us accounting people.

Mr. quickly got up and took care of his problem with his guts, then returned to bed.  When he was all settled again we looked over at each other at the same time.  When our eyes met, we both just started laughing our little hearts out.

From now on at our house, any stomach ache or food-related malady is simply called “Equity”.


By Way of Introduction

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for about a year now.  Now seemed like a good time because there are so many adventures coming up for me and my little family.

In three weeks, I’ll be graduating with Associates Degrees in Accounting and Integrated Studies. A few weeks after that, Mr. will be graduating with his Masters Degree of Accountancy.  Then we will pack our little home and be on our way to a big new city so Mr. can start his career as a CPA.

We are so excited for our new adventures together but we are also terrified.  One very very big thing is about to happen in July… We are going to be parents!

So, I will have so many new things to share in the coming months I decided it was definitely time to create a blog, so now I have one!